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" I am almost to the bottom of my second 2 oz jar of 30 Day Breast Lift. When I first started this product, I had no breasts, now I'm showing some cleavage.This product is amazing! It makes the nipples feel alive, they are a little sensitive and tingle a little. I'm going to try it on my butt next.I hope the results are just as good as the breast area. Thank You So Much For Inventing This Product, I Would Recommend It To Anyone!  "

- Pat C., Warrenville, South Carolina

"   I ordered the 30 Day Breast Lift cream about a month ago and I swear my bra size has gotten larger...I use the cream in the a.m. ,and at nite before bed. I also use it on my saggy arms as I really need a arm lift but have yet to do that..the skin seems to be getting tighter and the thin skin seems to be..less visible..So I think I will continue using the 30 Day Lift cream,,Next I think I'll try the Enhance Volumizing Lotion to puff up my hands a bit....Thanks again Connie. "

- Laura B., Beverly Hills, California

   "30 Day Lift is a must try product. I love when a product lives up to it's advertising. 30 Day Lift does exactly what is promised. I used this product on my breasts and face. My breasts are visibly more firm and lifted and the skin on my face is tightened and lifted as well. This is an amazing product that gives almost immediate results. Love it!! "

- Renee C., Chicago, Illinois

  " I love, love this cream; I love the texture and what I find is that it is helping smooth out my neck and moisturize my decollete area very nicely. The cream is rich and absorbs beautifully. "

- Vivian Baer, Esthetician, Malibu, California

  " I was definitely pleasantly surprised with the 30 Day Lift Cream. The first thing that gets me is the texture, which is thick yet light at the same time, providing coverage and moisturizing at the same time. After using the full jar I can say that I do notice that my breasts to look fuller and rounder, and as if they are higher on my chest. I am impressed with the ingredients of this cream and definitely look forward to continuing to use it past this initial period to see what results I can achieve! This is a great product and look forward to trying others in this line!"

- Tionna E. Houston, Texas

    "Thank you for introducing me to an amazing product 30 Day Lift Cream. I'm very pleased with the result. My breasts looked rounder and more firm after only a few weeks of using. I'll definitely continue using the product and would recommend to others."

- Mimi E., Montville, New Jersey

  " I am pleased with the breast cream. My breasts look more firm & rounded after a few weeks treatment."

- Beverly M., Graham, Texas

  "  I love the smell of the of it. It is not over powering or perfumey like other products I used in the past. It soaks in not to long after I put in on. I have not see a dramatic change on lift but I really like how it makes me skin feel soft."

- Sonya M., Apple Valley, California

  " I have only been using the 30 Day Lift cream for about a week and can already tell a difference in my skin. It feels tighter and softer, not so much with the lifting yet, but I am hopeful that with regular and longer use the results will keep improving. Just ordered a full size jar and looking forward to trying on a few more areas."

- Tina L., Bloomington, Minnesota

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